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Your base camp for cycling

Trentino region is very big on tourism for cyclists, offering as much as 400km of cycling paths, constantly upgraded and enlarged . The area surrounding Arco and the Garda Lake is indeed one of the preferred destinations for the lovers of this sport, whether beginners, amateurs or actual bike gurus.

There is a cycling path next to Camping Zoo, which flanks all the Sarca river and connects the whole Alto Garda area. If you wish to be spontaneous in the choice of your activities, we remind you that you can easily rent a city bike in the campsite. There are a lot of cycling paths to choose from, so that anyone can choose their ideal itinerary based on one’s taste, difficulty and time available. The area is not short in off-road tracks, tarmark paths, adrenaline filled trails in the mountains, level tracks and paths through the woods and vines, with gorgeous sights.

The cycling trail network in Alto Garda is well dispersed, it covers the whole area and is well signalled. Besides cycling paths and dedicated trails, Trentino offers public transportation and private shuttle buses that allow you to take your bike with you, to tailor your excursions even more and reach remote locations in the region, but always coming back easily to the campsite at the end of the day.

Do you have any question?

We are at your disposal for any questions and clarifications or to assist you in booking your holiday in Trentino! Contact us now and find out more about our structure, our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

A big world for cycling lovers

For cycling lovers who have not taken their bike with them on holiday, or for beginners who wish to go on an adventure on the Trentino trails,Bike Shop Giuliani offers a range of different bikes for rent at convenient prices. City bike, e-bike and other models, safe and of high quality, to feel the thrill of discovering the beauty of nature pedalling on two wheels.  The Mmove professional guides offer also short and simple bike tours for groups or families, with easy ascents and descents along the Sarca river. To go about by bike allows you to discover the world around you at a slow pace, and to notice details that would otherwise go unnoticed. Thanks to Mmove this is always possible, especially on holiday.

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